Amsterdam,Terschelling, New York, 2009 - 2011

SLeM's Windnomaden

A large swarm of colorful moving paintings for Terschelling. SLeM translated the theme of Oerol 2009, ‘grass between the planks’, as a celebration of color. Four-hundred artists were asked to paint a wind nomad. The paintings stood in groups on the limitless Noordsvaarder wad, with the tide playing a dominant role. Obliging ‘attendants’ and live music helped every day to evoke the feeling of a private viewing. The public could lose themselves in a landscape of paintings, painted with great care and attention to detail, that swaying in the wind.

A poetic documentary film features the development and production process of the Windnomaden, interviews with the participating artists about ‘celebrating color’, the photo shoot on Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam and the installation at Oerol.









cataloge windnomaden

book 'tijdelijke landschappen'


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