water tower artfest
sofia, 2014

Healing injuries, water tower artfest, |elders in Sofia

It seems as if the users or owners of the rooms in this building have stopped their work and left. A desolate atmosphere, with visible remains of use; a cupboard along a wall, a window frame in decay, a japanese girl on a poster, a ladder, suitcases. The feeling of home is under pressure.

With relatively small interventions Liesbeth Bos reflects on the desolate, displaced feeling in the building and its affected skin. Liesbeth Bos heals the skin of the building in a photo-installation. She makes an effort to ‘repair’ injuries with photography: in or near damaged parts of walls and windows she will ‘implant’ pieces of Dutch ‘skin’ in the walls, fences, windows of the Foundry.

Next to the photo a nameplate will mention the place of origin of the implantate and the date of the implantation.

The question arises will this photo installation bring back the feeling of home or just emphasis  the  feeling of desolation?


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