installation strange birds
den haag, 2009

Strange birds in het atrium van het ISS

The Hague is known as international city of peace en law, it is a governmental city and it is located near the sea. You can feel the closeness of the see. Often there are heavy showers and stormy winds and always screaming gulls around. As result you often see broken umbrella's on the streets. Nice colourful umbrella's to western taste, often made in China or Taiwan. Transported halfway around the world and finally just dumped in the gutter. A 'nice' example of globalisation? Visual artist Liesbeth Bos collected the umbrella's, disassembled them and put them together again. Reused umbrella's as a swarm colourful birds, as colourful as mankind itself. Strange birds, seemingly without any connections but condemned to each other in the installation 'strange birds'. Just as people live together without ever really connecting. Like life suggesting unity without ever being so.

to text 'fragments of happiness', exposition Antidotes from the Dismal Science, Institute of Social Studies, Den Haag