standing bottles
schotse hebriden, den haag, 2005 - 2007

Standing bottles

Always I am searching for harmony in a fast and superficial world. Plastic bottles found on the coast of the Scottish Hebrides were the start of my final exam project ‘Standing Bottles’ at the The Hague Royal Academy of Art.

Every bottle carries traces of its journey over the oceans. Every individual item shows the beauty of a tension between overwhelming nature and the all-obliterating influence of man. Will these bottles forever stand here as a monument or will they be cleared away?

In a series of works I investigate the balance between the fragmentary and common on one hand and moments of reflection and beauty on the other. Extremes are connected, the simple and the complex, the concrete and the abstract. Superficially seen just variations on a theme, but each subsequent work penetrates more deeply into the true nature of the above question and tries to answer it, at the same time generating a next question. Eventually one entity emerges, a new reality in which the concrete and the poetic meet in their own balance.

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