laan van meerdervoort
o, in den haag, 2009

... Upper part of house facades, positioned centrally, photographed against a uncompromising steel blue sky, not the comforting blue of a summer day on the beach, more like a two dimensional confrontational wall of blue, escaping it isn’t possible. Again you can speak of fragments out of context, context of the endless Laan van Meerdervoort, in turn boring and architectonic and historic interesting. These fragment speak for themselves, out of their daily picturesque surrounding they are disturbing.

Every piece becomes as inaccessible as its steel blue background against which they stand out on the one hand but on the other hand they reflect, as a series, on almost exotic images with a communal sign, the upstanding pinnacles who seem to pinch a hole in the blue. The appearance of the stately The Hague mansion seems to be exchanged for that of an anonymous, inaccessible fortress, all familiarity is gone, while in the works title and at first glance this was suggested. Result: a strange sort of isolation, mankind can’t feel at home any more in its own environment. ...