maar janneke, they're all the same
kantoorgebouw koningskade den haag, 2006

more of the same?

A house, a bottle. Another house. Another bottle. A street full of houses. A show-case full of bottles.

With there art project ‘maar Janneke, they’re all the same’, a collaboration of visual artists Liesbeth Bos and Cindy Malon engages a dialog with a governmental office building.

Being absorbed in huge office buildings in The Hague isn’t so difficult. Keeping your own identity and creating a safe place in these buildings is less easy. This is the dilemma that Bos and Malon put forward in their work of bottles and houses.

Bos, who is always searching for equilibrium in a fast and superficial world, approaches this inner struggle from an individual point of view. Malon, interested in psychological observations and the desire of man to create there own environment, chooses the angle of the collective. Their synergy is ‘Maar Janneke they are all the same’. Anyone who takes the time to absorb this work sees more and more clearly that building and art project eventually shade off into one another to end up as a whole.

Is the work of Bos and Malon more of the same? Or is the office building like that? Janneke may answer that question.