text '52 weeks'
project 'there are two ways'
den haag, 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015

photoproject 'there are two ways'
52 weeks

For a year l went out every week with my camera to make a photograph.

These images form series. The meaning of the collection became clear in in the course of the time. Answers are found, new questions arise.

Light stands out as a theme. Even if there is no sunlight in sight on dark winter days the photos are about expressiveness of light and the attempt to capture this.
Another theme is eternity versus relativity and everyday reality. Looking from different points of view the question arises if there is a way of seeing them all? Is it possible one image can communicate different things at the same time? And if so, what makes it do so?

Next to light colour is a theme. Light and colour, is light colour? Does colour exist by means of the presence of light?  Further structure, repetition and rhythm stand out.
Beauty as a way to gain attention, to seduce the viewer. Ones seduced you can see, by better looking, there is more, more layers with a different meaning. Some pleasant, some edgy, some to think about. Looking and seeing are important concepts.

The photos, isolated, out of context of the week-rhythm,  are reorganized as series.  This lead to new and different points of view and to new images. A new, personal reality emerges.

In the meantime the project developed to 'there are two ways 2.0'. A serie paintings on panel inspired by the essence of the photo images.

naar foto's project 'er zijn meerder wegen'
to project 'there are two ways 2.0'
to project 'there are two ways 3.0'