den haag, 2008

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In Afghanistan caves scientist found the eldest known oil paintings. They date from hundreds of years before oil paint was known in Europe. The paint is probably made of walnut or poppy.

Beyond sight there are fields filled with poppy. Lots of pink flower petals on the ground. The poppy seed capsules full and fat.

Scratched yesterday morning, today the opium has streamed from the seed capsules. Dry and ready to be scraped off with a spoon.

While harvesting, men and boys lick their fingers, full of poppy simmer. They all become addicted.

The police destroys poppy fields on a large scale. Farmers protest. They can't miss their income. A new solution is spraying poppy fields with plant pesticide.

Junks scurry around the ruins of the city. They use heroine in sewage pipes in a laid back part of the city. Used needles are to be found next to shell casings between destroyed houses.

vicious circle
Could we for see all of this? Yes, many years specialists have warned for the danger of poppy produce. But it seems not to infiltrate in highest levels of decision makers.

The situation gets worse, radical measures are needed. But radical measures call for more radical resistance. Afghanistan poppy produce becomes an issue for international politics.

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