art fair suomi
helsinki, 2015

werk uit serie 'er zijn meerdere wegen'

There's a word that is ubiquitous in the Greek capital: Enoikiazetai.

In today's Athens, it is as toxic and omnipresent as a plague notice stuck to the door. You will find it on shop fronts, office blocks and factories, where businesses have withered and died.

Athens is plastered with one message: enoikiazetai. To let

Throughout the Merikaapelihalli a photo installation is presented. In this former industrial building on walls, in corridors and hallways etc. pieces of Dutch, Greek and Bulgarian ‘skin’ found in comparable places will be implanted .

Next to the photo a nameplate will mention the place of origin of the implant and the date of the implantation. Once implanted a new reality arises. There are two ways of seeing the ways of seeing the world!

The question arises will this photo installation bring back the feeling of home or just emphasis the feeling of beeing an outsider?


shape | shift, Art Fair Suomi Helsinki, Finland

At Art Suomi 'shape | shift' is presented, ongoing acts and observations on every-day life.

Throughout the Merikaapelihalli a photo installation is presented.

Next to the photoinstallation another painting from the seris ther are two ways is presented

naar project 'er zijn meerdere wegen'